Hanna’s Herb Shop

Hanna’s Herb Shop was started as New Age Foods by the legendary Hanna Kroeger in 1957 in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  We were one of the first health food stores in the country and over 50 years later, we are still proud to make Hanna Kroeger’s products available to the world!

Peaceful Meadow Retreat

This enchanting place was the home of Reverend Hanna Kroeger, herbalist and healer, known throughout the world as the “Grandmother of Health.”  The light that Hanna brought to her work is being carried on in loving care by her daughter Gisela Kroeger Hoffman.

Planetary Healing

Deb McBride and John Cook site that discusses the Planetary Healing and Planetary Perceptions work sets and its uses.

Real Medicine

Ati Petrov DHHP, DIHom (Pract.) is the owner of Real Medicine. She has blended 5 major medical systems into her own unique form of therapy to help you heal your body and improve your life.

Raymon Grace

The Foundation primarily focuses on projects that concern clean water, and clearing energy for people and places that promote health and spiritual well being. The Foundation will also consider other projects that are beneficial to our environment and humanity.

School of Homeopathy

It is our passion for advancing and spreading homeopathy to the very highest level that has given our programs a leading edge and helped to create a national and international benchmark.