Ati Petrov

Ati Petrov DHHP, DIHom (Pract.) is a holistic health practitioner and life coach. She developed her unique approach to health by integrating Heilkunst, Homeopathy, Sequential Therapy, German New Medicine and Bio-resonance into a very client-specific therapy. It allows each client to use the benefits from a variety of therapies, blended into their own unique healing program, unlike that of any other person.

The Early Years

Born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Ati lived for 30 years behind the Iron Curtain, in a world of exaggerated ideals and totalitarian rule. Contrast is always good for growth and this environment certainly provided both adversity, but also a fertile underground creative environment, a combination stimulating personal growth.

Her world travels started early. She spent her childhood living and enjoying the ocean and sun in Cuba where her mother played at the National Orchestra and her father created fine art. She learned English and Spanish and lived a carefree life for nine wonderful years.

Back in Bulgaria, she studied Fine Arts and she started a career as a fine artist and illustrator. She was the youngest exhibitor at the International Graphic Art Biennale. She was also the junior Art Director for Bulgarian Encyclopedic Publishers.

She then set out on the adventure of her life, leaving her native country secretly and flying across the ocean to North America, all the way to Newfoundland, a land of snow and wind and wonderful people. In 1991 she came to Ottawa, Canada where she currently resides.

Life in Canada

Already fluent in Bulgarian, English, Russian and Spanish, Ati easily blended into Canadian life. Her knowledge of languages gave her the opportunity to work as an interpreter and translator for the Canadian Refugee Board and for the Dept. of Immigration.  It was a wonderful glimpse into the workings of bureaucracy on the one side, and the poignant life experiences of the many people who came seeking asylum in Canada.

Her own experience as a refugee from communist rule and her dramatic journey to Canada created a unique opportunity – to be in the moment, totally alert to life, completely aware of herself without the labels of the past. The anonymity in a new country and the discovery of the freedom of Canadian life with its myriad of opportunities allowed her to re-examine herself, her beliefs and passions and make a bold choice to start anew.

She became acutely aware of the synchronicities that guided her through marriage, children, universities and finally, the discovery of homeopathy and holistic thought.

Holistic Practice

As a result of her own and her family’s amazing results with homeopathy and Heilkunst, Ati passionately applied herself to the study of Hahnemann’s full medical system. She completed the full practitioner program of the British Institute of Homeopathy DIHom (Pract), and graduated from the Advanced Practitioner Program (DHHP) at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst.

She also worked at both schools during her studies, including reception and patient support. This enriched her training so that by graduation she easily switched over to her own practice and to teaching others at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, where she also helped develop the school and its clinic.

During her training and until 2005, Ati Petrov was also the administrative manager of NUPATH, the national homeopathic professional association of Canada. Her natural ability to organize and communicate with people has always been a gift to all those that have come in contact with her throughout the years.

Ati Petrov has been practicing Heilkunst and Homeopathy since 2001. She began her practice at the Apple Hill Wholistic Center in Ottawa, which she co-founded along with 5 other enthusiastic practitioners and the Deans of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. That experience taught her the value of teamwork. It was the beginning of her passionate dream to be able to work alongside other professionals in an integrated clinic where sharing of knowledge enriches the patient’s experience and that of the practitioners. After all, we are all learning, all the time.

In 2003 Ati opened Real Medicine Holistic Center, in Westboro, dividing her time between the two clinics. During that time she conducted Community Clinics as a service to the community.

As a result of her study of a wide variety of disciplines, along with her rich work and life experiences and lifelong intensive reading and research, Ati has developed her holistic and spiritual view of life and health, which she shares with her clients.

“I am grateful to all of you wonderful souls who have entrusted me with your health and life experiences. In return I share with you what I have learned, to help you restore balance in your body, mind, soul and spirit, so you can live a fulfilling life and share with humanity your amazing gifts.”

Ati’s most recent training includes German New Medicine and biofeedback therapy with the Inergetix CoRe System.

Ati is a member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (ANN) in Canada.

She lives and practices in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, with her son and daughter, her mother, her dog Charlie … and her many friends.