Planetary Healing Training

We have a few training options available for the Planetary Healing Content Module.

Recording of 2012 Webinar available for $149 

Deb McBride had presented a webinar on the Planetary Healing system and did some live case studies.  To gain a better understanding on how to use Planetary Healing, you can purchase this and watch the webinar video.



Five Hour Video Training

Learn all 18 steps for clearing and see 5 case studies done. $149


Combination Recorded Webinar and Video Training

Save when you purchase 2012 Webinar Recording and Five Hour Recorded Video training. On the Five Hour training, through watching a number of cases you will learn how to use Planetary Healing to do an emotional clearing. You can watch it as many times as you wish for 6 months. Each case features the use of the 18 step protocol of the Planetary Healing work set. Also, on the video you will receive Deb McBride explaining the Heath & Wellness work set and Psychology & Emotions work set. Cost is $249 for training and access to recorded webinar and recorded videos.


The work presented in this content module is a  system derived from the emotional healing system, Planetary Healing, which John Cook created from over 27 years of research, study, and performing healing work with clients. The basis of this work is a synthesis of many disciplines and healing modalities. In his practice, John used Applied Kinesiology and its advanced system Touch for Health, hands on energy work, regression techniques, supplements and metaphysical work such as psychic readings and astrology.  John re-imagined this work to successfully be used in the structure of the en|vision system. It is an 18 sequential step healing system and should be used one section at a time to effect maximum emotional clearing for your client. Each step identifies the emotional issue, the person involved, the chakra involved and how to heal the emotional issue using techniques of sound, color, tapping meridian points and toning.