Planetary Healing

Planetary-Healing-logoThe work presented in this content module is a  system derived from the emotional healing system, Planetary Healing, which John Cook created from over 27 years of research, study, and performing healing work with clients. The basis of this work is a synthesis of many disciplines and healing modalities. In his practice, John used Applied Kinesiology and its advanced system Touch for Health, hands on energywork, regression techniques, supplements and metaphysical work such as psychic readings and astrology.  John re-imagined this work to successfully be used in the structure of the en|vision system. It is an 18 sequential step healing system and should be used one section at a time to effect maximum emotional clearing for your client. Each step identifies the emotional issue, the person involved, the chakra involved and how to heal the emotional issue using techniques of sound, color, tapping meridian points and toning.

The goals within Planetary Healing are to reduce and eliminate physical and emotional health complaints. By identifying issues, releasing negative energy, adding positive energy the healer is able to get the client to take responsibility for their life and circumstances. Transformation by raising consciousness is the ultimate, highest goal.

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John M. Cook Biography

Originally from Oxford, England, John Cook maintained a successful practice as a Professional Healer, Astrologer and Feng Shui consultant in New York City until 2010. John’s approach was truly holistic as he created a highly effective, unique combination of multiple healing modalities from over twenty seven years of practice, extensive training, research and development in the fields of holistic medicine, spiritual healing and self improvement. He combined Eastern and Western techniques for the best of both worlds insuring the most effective and successful healing experience and results. In his transformational healing practice, John worked one on one with clients for an average of eighteen months to two years, with consistently successful benefits on many levels. Using kinesiology, and bodywork the core process was deep regression where old pain, grief, resentment, anger and trauma are permanently released and resolved. His clients arrived at many insights and were able to heal and free themselves of many blocks and issues.

John regularly gave lectures, seminars and workshops on healing, Feng Shui, astrology & transformation, with astrology being his personal favorite. As a photographer he specialized in creating powerful Feng Shui pictures using the sacred sites of England and nature. John was always researching, developing and innovating, always trying to improve his health and the healing experience for his clients.

John Cook Curriculum Vitae

Applied Kinesiology – Certified in Touch For Health, Educational
Kinesiology, other AK Systems.
Astrology – Advanced Western Tropical & Constellational.
Bio-Resonance – Inergetix CoRe System. Extensive custom trays.
Body-Energy Alignment – Integrative Techniques
Emotional Healing – Deep Regression Emotional Release
Feng Shui – studied the major Feng Shui Schools: Traditional, Form, Compass, Black Sect, Five Element
Personal Ecology: Nutrition, Cleansing, Products
Shamanic Healing and Ritual

Deb McBride Biography

Deb McBride has been studying astrology for most of her life, in addition to holding degrees in chemistry & mathematics. Deb was first drawn to astrology as a child in the late 1960’s when it was very much a part of her life and surroundings. As an adult, she began her professional astrological counseling practice in 1986. Since then she has enjoyed the study of both personal and mundane astrology, particularly the research of psychological and cultural shifts represented by astrological cycles.

Deb has been featured in New York Magazine: “Psychic New York” (April 21, 2003 cover story), The New York Times: “Today’s Horoscope, Now Unsure” (Aug 28, 2005) with John Cook, Contact Music “Astrologer Plots Next Half Century for Madonna” (August 16, 2008), The New York Daily News: “New Yankee Stadium Aligned for Greatness” (September 23, 2008), El Economista, (Madrid)Las estrellas no iluminarán la cumbre financiera(November 11, 2008), The Daily Mail (London), Could Happiness Be Written in the Stars? (January 12, 2009). She has appeared on the BBC radio 2 program “Drive Time” (January 12, 2009) and on WPIX NYC television Morning News (January 13, 2012) in an astrological discussion.

Deb has served on the Board of Directors of the National Council of Geocosmic Research, New York Chapter and has published articles in the NCGR’s quarterly journal, The Ingress, in addition to lecturing in the NYC area. She contributed a chapter (Film Noir) to The Astrology of Film: The Interface of Movies, Myth and Archetype edited by Jeffrey Kishner and Bill Streett (iUniverse, 2004).

Deb and John worked on various Feng Shui projects, including Feng Shui photography, space cleansing and the research and creation of Feng Shui space cleansing products. She is committed to continuing John’s work in both the healing realm and with Feng Shui and has launched the site Planetary Healing to sell John’s photographs, explain the relationship with Nu|Vision and recommend Feng Shui resources on the links/resources page. Please visit and for new projects and more information.