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Hanna Ursula was born in Attabey, Turkey, on October 5, 1913, the sixth and last child of Max and Hannah Zimmer, who were German missionaries in charge of a home for Armenian orphans. Hanna watched as her mother healed the natives with herbs, poultices, baths, and soups. Her father’s interest lay primarily in helping the villagers help themselves. He organized them to build irrigation ditches and dikes and showed them that certain crops where more productive than others.

Hanna was educated primarily at home by her mother and father. When Hanna was 16, she traveled around the North Turkish region as an interpreter for an American missionary doctor, Dr. Clark. A donkey was used to carry the tent, blankets and clothing as well as the few medical supplies that were available to them.

Dr. Clark encouraged her to become a nurse, so when he left Turkey, Hanna went to the American School of Nursing in Istanbul. After a year, she went to Germany to finish her nursing education at the University of Freiburg. Upon graduation, Hanna thought she would enter the convent (her parents actually told her she was too much of a dreamer and would never be able to take care of herself). Upon reflection, she decided that the convent would not provide her with the freedom she needed to serve mankind and she ended up at a naturopathic hospital in Dresden, following Dr. Brauchele around like “a shadow.” Dr. Brauchele’s methods were the basis for many of Hanna’s remedies in her later years.

In 1938, Hanna married Rudolf Otto Erich Kroeger, a newly graduated mechanical engineer. Just prior to World War II they settled in a little village, Schoenboecken, outside of the city of Luebeck in northern Germany. Four children were born before and during the war. Rudolf was too old to be drafted as a soldier until the last few months of the war when young boys of 14 as well as all men under 55 were required to enlist. Rudolf was captured in Berlin by the Russians and spent 5 years in a Russian concentration camp while Hanna raised their four children by herself.

Rudolf was released in late 1949 and their fifth child, Lisa, was born in 1950. Hanna and Rudolf and all five children came to America in 1953. They first lived in Milwaukee, then in Escanaba, Michigan, before settling in Boulder in 1956. In 1957 Hanna took over a small store on Broadway in Boulder, the Imperial Tea and Coffee Company. She very quickly filled the coffee and tea bins with herbal teas and added whole grains, nuts, unsulfured dried apricots and raisins as well as sunflower seeds and natural oils. This store was one of the first health food stores in Colorado if not in the whole United States. She baked whole wheat bread every night and carried the four loaves to her store in her bicycle basket.

After one year, she moved the store to a larger building on Pearl Street and renamed it New Age Foods. She started holding meetings in the back of the store. Speakers of all persuasions and intentions came through her store as well as through her home. A year later she bought her own building at 1122 Pearl Street and started carrying vitamins. Except for a few canisters, little traces of the Imperial Tea and Coffee shop remained. It was here that she began to counsel people on individual problems using vitamins, natural foods, spices and then herbs. Gradually she added homeopathics. She also started writing books and pamphlets to educate people.

In 1961 she bought the property at 7075 Valmont Road, and Peaceful Meadow Retreat was born. At first Hanna viewed the property as a potential place for the Hospital for Leukemic Children she had always dreamed of. Instead she started nursing MS and severely arthritic patients. She quickly realized that she could not reach enough people through a health retreat modeled after European spas, and started holding classes there.

In 1972 she was tried and convicted of practicing medicine without a license. Her primary problem seemed to be that she had touched the hands of detectives who were sent to the store to entrap her. Soon after the trial, the charges were dropped on her promise to “not do this again.” She was not quite certain what she was allowed to do and went right back to the store to heal “her people.” The trial served primarily to publicize her store and huge lines of 25 to 100 people started forming to see her every day. The trial outcome also served to open up Boulder to alternative healing. Soon many shingles of healers who had been working behind the scenes graced the streets and the newspaper advertisements. The trial also caused Hanna to create her own church, the Chapel of Miracles as she realized that her work was getting more spiritual and that ordination would help insulate her work from the increasing powers of the FDA and AMA.

Instead of baking bread, the family now spent its evenings mixing and encapsulating herbs one capsule at a time. Soon the demand for Hanna’s herbs outpaced the family production line and the Kroeger Herb Company was formed in the basement of 1122 Pearl Street. After a year, the company outgrew its space and Hanna bought the present building on 805 Walnut Street as the headquarters, packaging, and shipping department of the company.

Most of Hanna’s herbal combinations were divinely inspired. Whenever people came to her with a problem she could not solve immediately, she studied as much as she could about the problem, using scientific books as well as doctors and other consultants throughout the country. Then she turned the problem over to God and Jesus. Within days she would have the formula. The herbs in the combinations work synergistically in the tradition of old herbal philosophies of Europe, each enhancing the qualities of the others. Because herbs, like homeopathics, heal primarily through vibration, Hanna was very insistent that only the purest, non-chemically altered or packaged, herbs were used. This philosophy continues to be followed religiously by the Kroeger Herb Company.

In 1988, the District Attorney threatened legal action if Hanna did not quit “prescribing” her remedies. Hanna was 74 years old at the time and decided that she was getting too old for the 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. job anyway. She asked the Lord how to continue and the answer was “telephone.” Seemingly overnight she was able to discern people’s vibrations over the phone and soon she was fielding calls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. most every day of the week. She was in her glory because she could help even more people through saliva readings as well as through the phone. She traveled throughout the country giving weekend seminars, and hurried back before Sunday morning to bake cakes for the increasingly large audiences at her church services.

The classes at the retreat became more and more popular in the 90’s. Sometimes as many as 100 people showed up for a class. As the retreat can house only 40 people comfortably, many people ended up sleeping on church pews, in hallways, in tents, and at the homes of volunteers. From May through October Hanna taught the classes practically every weekend, even to the last weekend of her transition. Her plea to her students became increasingly strident. “I cannot do it alone. You must help one another. You, you, and you must and can do it.”