Nu|Vision Features

Nu|Vision is a  new software matching tool based on Holographic Scaling Technology.  We realize the power of synergy, therefore we work in cooperation with organizations that have expert knowledge in their respective fields. We utilize Scaling Technology in the engine behind Nu|Vision, this is based on the latest Quantum technology empowered by Scalin™.  Nu|Vision is a powerful tool that is easy to use and access.

Nu|Vision is an advanced application of the holographic principle of the universe.  The physical universe is widely seen to be composed of  “matter” and “energy”. Yet a growing group of scientists regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals of a two-dimensional information structure “painted” on the cosmological horizon. The three dimensions we observe are only an effective description at macroscopic scales and at low energies.  Our everyday experience is a holographic projection into a higher-dimensional space, based on informational processes in a lower-dimensional reference system.

When something is holographic, it exists wholly within every fragment of itself, no matter how many pieces it’s divided into. Ervin Laszlo explains: “All that happens in one place happens also in other places; all that happened at one time happens also at times after that. Nothing is ‘local’, limited to where and when it is happening.” The nonlocal holographic principle is an immense force of change in the quantum world.  Just as a hologram contains the original image in all of its many parts, any change made to just one of those segments becomes reflected everywhere throughout the pattern. A single change in one place can make a difference everywhere. Even if we divide the universe into four smaller fragments, for example, every piece is a mirror of the entire universe. A change in one place is reflected in every mirror. Nu|Vision creates digital notes containing information which uniquely defines subjects. en|vision generates holographic tokens which uniquely define the digital notes, which itself are a reference to the subjects. These holographic tokens are multidimensional representations of the uniquely defined subjects.

A holographic token is generated for each item – for the subject and for every item in the database. We store the holographic tokens in a database cluster.  Nu|Vision visualizes resonances between these holographic tokens, resulting in analytical insights. A Swiss psychologist named Carl Gustav Jung coined the word “synchronicity” to describe the experience of events that are apparently casually unrelated, yet occur together in a meaningful manner.  Synchronistic events reveal an underlying pattern, a conceptual framework that encompasses, but is larger than any of the systems that display the synchronicity.

Following discussions with both Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli, Carl Jung believed that there were parallels between synchronicity and aspects of relativity theory and quantum mechanics.  Synchronicity is perceived as being a law of attraction in a higher-dimensional space, but is actually caused by convergence in the lower-dimensional reference system.

Reconnecting is creating a holographic token based on a new digital note, containing both subject and information. Just as a hologram contains the original image in all of its many parts, any change made to just one of those segments becomes reflected everywhere throughout the pattern.  A single change in one place can make a difference everywhere.  The subtle power of the hologram is that it offers us the leverage to make a tremendous change on a large scale by altering a pattern in only one place.


Nu|Vision  is software empowered by Scalin™ technology. The main purpose of our powerful matching engine is to find resonant connections within the informational field.  We leave all the fluff out and bring you a tool that is very accessible, easy to use, with excellent training and support.   You have the ability to analyze huge amounts of data compared to a person, animal or other things, to see and understand the resonant connections in the holographic field. This tool makes it possible to let essential informational connections emerge.  This speeds up the process of finding the right approach to a given situation and to understand the background and situation of the client thoroughly.


A  powerful matching tool based on Holographic Scaling Technology. Conventional matching engines are exclusively based on conventional information technology (including fuzzy logic and machine learning techniques). These require that the user enters extensive profiles into the database of the subjects and items that have to be matched.  With Scalin™ technology, the underlying match and measurement process has access to a tremendously rich and huge information base. This information base contains multi-dimensional connections and associations between concepts, individual subjects and objects. This process uses Holographic Scaling, which is an advanced technology.


We designed Nu|Vision with the idea ― easy to use and fast results.  Just because we have advanced technology does not mean that it should be difficult to use.  This has been our focus from the beginning.  A key feature of the Nu|Vision system is simple layout for analyzing, only a minimal amount of input information is required.  The user selects check lists with categories that are relevant.  Match results are presented by visual chart or list to the degree of connection. If an item analyzed is resonant, then it will show up, if not it won’t.


Nu|Vision realizes the power of synergy, therefore works in cooperation with organizations that have expert knowledge in their field.  We bring their expert ―know how into every  en|vision system and provide training and collaborative events.  By bringing in years of experience in a particular modality, it adds a depth to the system that has never been seen before.


Nu|Vision has the ability to focus on complaints with a prefix subject. You can rescan multiple times with new prefixes without starting a new session. With the ability to see only the resonant items, you can quickly determine where to focus.   With the  group function, you have the ability to scan a group and see what items are resonant within the group.


A secure web based platform—no manual updates– no installation. We are are harnessing the power of the internet with a highly encrypted java based application.  This allows  access on any internet accessible device that you choose.  Nu|Vision  has the ability to be used from anywhere in the world that has a internet connection.


Easy expansion of work sets to be analyzed.  Customize your worksets to how you work.  Only pay for the test sets that you really use.  Nu|Vision comes with a large  base workset that is designed to be comprehensive.  You also have access to additional data worksets developed by our content developers that have years of experience in their specified field.  And you have the ability to create your own custom worksets for your specific modalities, background, experience and knowledge.


Crossing the borders of your limitations and Connected with the whole world


    • a cluster of servers enables you to use the system anytime, anywhere in the world with amazing speed
    • always the latest version, constantly improving without
    • waiting for an annual update, without extra costs
    • information, innovation, ideas can be shared instantaneously


    • no longer run your application on your desktop, run it directly from the cloud
    • the cloud offers you the same experience as youryou are asleep. Multiple analyses and reconnects can be run in parallel.
    • desktop application, since work is divided between multiple servers and data processing continues while


    • all your data is securely stored in the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere
    • easily and safely share your data with others, without having to export, transfer and import it.